Your Wardrobe Choices

Last month Styledge Image Consulting discussed how your wardrobe should be a fun and inspiring place to visit instead. We want to get dressed not stressed!!
Today we are looking at the second point of what should be hanging in your wardrobe!!!
I believe everything in your wardrobe should…SUIT YOU!
1.Your colouring and complexion. Wearing the right colours in the right contrast is vital for you to look your absolute best. Using your personal swatch enables you to select the right colours every time. Perhaps you are confident in choosing some of your colours but why not open up your world and embrace all your colours. The great thing is, everything in your wardrobe will connect beautifully so creating your daily outfits becomes a breeze.
2. Your body shape. We all aspire to resemble the hourglass in some form but there is no such as the perfect body, so please accept your shape and coordinate your clothes to accentuate the great and mitigate the not so great. Find a sil-houette that‟s suits your shape and stick to it!
3. Your personality. Every day you have the op-portunity to express your identity by choosing clothes which represent who you are. Defining your personality is a journey. Your clothes should excite you and make you feel and look great whatever the occasion. Garments that have hangar appeal will have to pass the personality test; does this look really speak your language!
STYLEDGE Image Consulting, Why look good when you can look GREAT!