There are 4 basic fittings that create the silhouette of a garment:

  • Very fitted: Garments designed to fit snuggly to the body. Very fitted garments restrict movement and are generally not extremely comfortable. They are best worn when the wearer has a good figure and wishes to appeal to the opposite sex.
  • Semi-fitted: Garments designed with just enough shape to flatter everyone. Semi-fitted garments are comfortable, easy to move in and appropriate for all occasions.
  • Boxy and Stiff: Garments made for structured materials and with little to no shape. A garment of this fitting will cover the underlying shape of the wearer giving them a boxy shape. This shape though comfortable is often seen as matronly.
  • Boxy and Soft: Garments made from light or soft material with little to no shape. A garment of this fitting is comfortable and flattering as it conforms to the body with movement and drapes well when still.

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