Spring Fashion Trends 2012

With every season it is best to pick out the trends which can easily translate to your wardrobe, choosing garments that will enhance your own unique style and will work with existing pieces in your wardrobe.

I don’t believe that any of us should jump in boots and all and fall for every fashion trend that comes along. It should be a process of selection. It should be a process of making a personal edit, and breaking it down to adapt it to your liking and taste.

What looks great on your best friend may look ridiculous on you, and understanding who we are combined with what works for us takes all the guesswork out of clothes shopping.

If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of shopping then why not book in for your own personal shopping session or you could spend a fun morning or afternoon with a few girlfriends on a Styledge Shopping Trip


Florals are everywhere; floral dresses, skirts, tops, pants and handbags. I remember wearing a pair of floral pants in the early 80’s and loving them, but I’m afraid I will not be taking part this time around! If you have a feminine and romantic side to your style personality then you will have plenty of florals to choose from.

NEON anyone?

A little bit of neon goes a long way, but if you are an extrovert and love being the centre of attention, then go for it! If you need to break it down to suit your age and lifestyle then opt for a bag, bangle or a belt instead.

Metallic capped flats or studded heels.

You can have it both ways or play either/or. What I’m trying to say is, you can have some stud action in a flat or you can wear heels with metallic capped toes and studs. If you are after a more dramatic look then definitely go with the studded stiletto but for around town while staying on trend, go the ballet flat.

Peplum tops and dresses are huge, again something else I wore a lot of back in the eighties. I highly recommend the peplum style for those who have body shapes such as rectangle, hourglass or an inverted triangle. Buyers beware if you are an apple, diamond or triangle then the peplum will add bulk and the added fullness will overplay your body shape.

Brights versus gelato

We have both ends of the spectrum going on this spring, with bright greens, tangerines and yellows filling up our stores along with the soft and sweet gelato palette coming through too. If your complexion can’t take a bright then choose a pastel colour that will compliment your colouring.


Do you prefer gelato or brights









Scarf prints are in as well and if, like me, you love a print then you will love this trend! If you are petite then watch the size of the print, you’ll want to wear the garment rather than have the garment wearing you. The same goes for those who lean towards size 16 and up, the bigger the print the bigger you will appear.

Whatever you try or buy this spring, please make fashion fun, take some risks, be bold and always LOVE what you wear and WEAR what you LOVE.