Do you feel invisible now that you have turned 40?  My Fabulous and forty, do’s and don’ts style tips will help you get noticed in no time.

I believe we can be beautiful at any age, but sadly society tells us that looking young is equal to looking beautiful. So not true! I think women in their 40’s are looking better than ever; in fact if you have not heard it already, remember that “Forty is the new thirty” When you’re over 40 and your aim is to look current and hip or just age appropriate, there are certainly many things you can do to look great.

Embracing who we are and having fun with fashion is the key to looking fabulous and forty! Here are my Fabulous and forty, do’s and don’ts style tips.

• Don’t bear all. Revealing too much skin is a sure sign of trying to hold onto your youth. • Do wear a sleeve if you are concerned about your arms. I love watching Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren, who both have the knack for accentuating the great and understating the not so great.

• Do watch your hemlines. Dresses and skirts that come to the knee are more appropriate for the forty plus woman of style, as opposed to mid-calf or mid-thigh. • Don’t wear clothes that are too big. Nothing screams “frumpy” like loose and shapeless clothing. Semi-fitted garments show off your feminine shape and are vastly more flattering. • Do avoid pleated pants as they add bulk to your middle section, and what woman wants that? • Don’t wear double-breasted blazers; they will make you look square. Go for jackets that nip you in at the waist instead. • Do avoid wearing low-rise jeans if you want to avoid muffin tops.

• Don’t wear hair extensions unless you are a celebrity with a great stylist. • Do buy yourself a pencil skirt, every woman at any age looks great in one.

• Don’t wear heavy makeup; wearing dark lips or eyeliner will add years to your complexion, lighten your look by going for softer colours that look more natural. Now remember, these are just guidelines as you still need to consider your shape, size and personality. But do avoid doing the 1666 – looking sixteen from behind but looking sixty six from the front! You may laugh, but I bet you’ve seen someone doing the 1666 at some stage? Dressing your age seems to be even harder to achieve these days as most of the fashions seem focused on or directed at the younger women, but my advice is to work out who you are and dress to impress yourself!

If you are stuck in a rut or have lost confidence in yourself please give me a call, I am here to help you get the edge you need!

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