Do you often feel your look is old and boring?

Would you like to always wear what you love and love what you wear? Would you like to put outfits on that make you feel good about yourself? Outfits that boost your confidence as you step out and achieve your goals?

No matter your age, finding your individual style will enhance your self-image, as well as the image you project.

Do you want to appear

  • Classic and natural?
  • Chic and refined?
  • Feminine and elegant?
  • Vibrant and powerful?

Understanding how to blend your personality style formula will help you dress with confidence for every occasion.

Discover your own personal style

Your Personal Style Formula

I believe the foundation to displaying great style is being confident about who you are and what you wear. Not only do women struggle with their identity, they also live with the daily challenge of having a wardrobe full of clothes and yet they still seem to have nothing to wear.

Do you get dressed or stressed? Are you uncertain about some outfits you put together?

Personality Style is often the missing piece of the appearance “puzzle”, the special ingredient to looking great. Also, style rules are being broken constantly by those around us and in the media, which means there is even more confusion about what to buy and what to wear!

Some would say that style is something you are born with. Fortunately, that’s not true, thank goodness! It can, in fact, be learnt.

Your Personality Style is the combination of many things

  • What you love to wear
  • The roles you play
  • The activities you are involved in
  • Knowing what works and what does not
  • What you are attracted to
  • How you wish to be seen by others

I have come to realise that most women do not make the connection between who they are and the clothes they wear. What does that mean? Well, it means that the clothes you buy and wear are not sending the right message to others, so they don’t truly see who you are and what you are all about.

I am excited to be implementing a brand new way of working with my clients, which zeros in on your specific personal style formula. When I work from your style formula, I can more easily help determine what’s already in your closet that will work the best for you. During your 60-90 minute consultation, we go through your personal style formula and you will discover your very own personal style words which will express who you are and how you want to be seen.

Your Personal Style Formula Consultation is $195.00.