Your Personal Style Formula
I am very excited to be launching my new eBook Your Personal Style Formula; discover your signature style”. Jane Liddelow (from Style Makeover HQ) and I collaborated to produce a labour of love that is a fantastic tool to help women unlock the secrets to their style success!
I believe the foundation to having great style is being confident about who we are and what we wear. Not only do women struggle with their identity but live with the daily challenge of having a ward-robe full of clothes and still complain they have nothing to wear. Do you get dressed or stressed? Are you uncertain about some outfits you put together?
Your Personal Style Formula will help you discover the real you that expresses who you are inside and out!

“Discover your unique personal style and express who you truly are, inside and out”
Style is often the missing piece of the appearance “puzzle”, the special ingredi-ent to looking great. Also, style rules are being broken constantly by those around us and in the media, which means there is even more confusion about what to buy and what to wear!
Some would say that style is something you are born with. Fortunately, that’s not true, and thank goodness for that! Style can, in fact, be learnt.
Your Personality Style is the combination of many things
 What you love to wear
 The roles you play
 The activities you are involved in
 Knowing what works and what does not
 What you are attracted to
Wear what you love and love what you wear.
By choosing styles in your Personal Style Formula, you will begin to purchase garments that reflect the real you! You’ll learn how to blend your main style categories and how, by changing one small part of an outfit (such as your accessories for example), you can completely change the resulting style. You don’t have to go out and immediately replace all of your clothes. Work within your budget to change small details of your outfits to refine your ap-pearance and express your personality with your style.
What you learn from our eBook will last you a lifetime and you will never again be lured by fashion trends and fads telling you that “it’s a must have for you to look vogue”. Just because something is in fashion does not mean it’s going to look fashionable on you. No longer will you fall into the trap of the fashion vic-tim because you can apply Your Personal Style Formula to all aspects of your life.
Click here and grab your copy today for the introductory price of $23.00.

Jane Allen
Image Consultant, Personal Stylist