Your Inner Image
This is the substance of who a person is. It is the real you. The bedrock on which every act of your life has been and will be played out.
Understanding who you are is embracing all those elements that reside within. It is called Inner Image.
These are the central elements that make up “who you are”, what and how you think, and how you behave and react in every situation. It is “your reality” and it governs what you want and what you expect out of life. It also sets the limitations from which you live and behave.
Besides your size, shape and proportion and your colouring, it is where you were brought up, your home, the company you keep and work associates. It’s milieu.
Combining all the above attributes determines the way you dress, which sends a message about who you are and how you want the world to see you. Clothes are the biggest form of non-verbal communication. So imagine as you prepare to get dressed everyday, project yourself on a giant billboard. How will people respond to your image and what impression will you give?
Food for thought, isn’t it?