What is Image?
One definition of image is: The perception held by the public about a person, product or organisation.
Everyday we unconsciously decide who and what we bring into our lives; from the products we buy to whom we choose to be friends with and do business with. We live in a fast moving world and now have to make snap decisions based on our intuition. Thus the perception of others can make or break careers, concepts and organisations.
Portraying the right image is vitally important. What we wear has a direct effect on how we feel and how we project ourselves. Our image influences our thinking, our feelings and our behaviour, but most of all how others interact with us. Our image affects their thoughts, feelings and behaviour also.
Opportunities are gained and lost based solely on another’s first impression of us. The type of clothes we wear, how they are worn and the condition they are in all speaks volumes about who we are.
Clothes are powerful universal elements of non-verbal communication that say many things about who we are and what we are like, where we have come from and where we are going.
Improving your image will not only maximise your potential for greatness but give you the results you desire to achieve your goals and dreams.
“When a woman is poorly dressed you notice the clothes, when she is impeccably dressed you notice the woman” CoCo Chanel
by Jane Allen