You may think you can’t afford your own personal stylist, but can you really afford not to have one?

As you well know, the question on every girls lips when receiving  a fancy invitation is, of course, “what am I going to wear?”. After all the excitement has dissipated from receiving the invitation, then along comes the stress of hitting the shops and working out what garments may or may not be appropriate to wear.  No one I know likes turning up to any function feeling like they haven’t got it right, doubting their choice of style or colour, or wondering if the overall look they spent hours creating was even right for them in the first place.

Most celebrities like to use personal stylists so that they don’t have to worry about what  gowns or outfits to select for their upcoming red carpet appearance. All the work is done for them while their personal stylist runs around town pulling together the best looks for their clients needs and all the celebrity has to do is show up and try on their favorite styles and choose the dress that they love the most.

Now, wouldn’t you love to have all that done for you, without being someone famous? Well guess what? You can!

Here are three reasons you need a Personal Stylist!

  • You’re stuck in a style rut: Many women, and men too, find themselves in a style rut and that is mainly because they are unsure of where to go next or afraid of change. We forget that what used to look good on us years ago does not quite fit the bill now. Clothes do have an expiry date; if we have moved on, so should our clothes. Using a personal stylist will help you try on garments that you may not have even  looked at before, and so you get a pair of fresh eyes to assist you in trying things that will look great on you!
Too young?

Too young?

  • Re-entering the workforce and and need to update your wardrobe: It’s time go back to work and you realise that perhaps your body shape has changed, or you may have put on weight or maybe even lost some!  Or the clothes that were once in pristine condition are looking a little worse for wear. You need to make a great first impression at your interview, but you are a little worried your outfit is going to let you down.
Before skirt girl

Is this look good enough for an interview?


After skirt

This is more like it!



  • You’d like to reduce your shopping mistakes: We have all done it, haven’t we? Gone out hunting  for that amazing dress that will wow everyone but we come home later, bitterly disappointed with a garment that we have definitely compromised on because:
    • We were time poor
    • We trusted the sales assistant’s opinion
    • It was on sale
    • It sort of looked OK  in the change room
    • We were frustrated because there was nothing out there
Styledge Image Consulting - Personal Shopping

Confused about what suits you?


All these shopping mistakes (and there are many more) are so, so common and the sad fact is we keep repeating them over and over, spending an estimated $6000-$8000 every six years; now that is a lot of money that could be far better spent!!

If you invested in your image and used a personal stylist to help you define your personality style, body shape and colouring and let them do all the work for you each season in choosing garments that:

  • enhance your appearance,
  • flatter your figure,
  • reflect the real you,
  • saved you time and lots of money,
  • took the stress out of dressing;

then you could avoid costly, recurring wardrobe mistakes!

How much you may ask?  For as little as $90 for a group shopping tour or $250 for a two hour one on one Personal Shopping Session (which includes a pre-shop). Having someone do all the work for you, outsourcing the legwork and the “fashion passion”, and then just turning up and trying them all on can be a wonderful way to live. Photos are taken of every look and then we deliberate over all the pics while enjoying  a well earned cup of coffee or glass of wine.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Here is what Christie, one of my regular personal shopping clients, has to say about her seasonal shopping experiences with Stylege;

“Shopping with Jane is fun and makes my wardrobe work for me all year round. I shop once a season with Jane, which has made me look forward to shopping instead of finding it exasperating. With Jane, I know that I will come away with clothes that will work hard for me and that I will love rather than spending hours over many weekends buying often lackluster purchases. Jane picks out clothes and puts together combinations that I wouldn’t have thought of trying. I feel comfortable saying how I feel about the clothes she suggests and I learn how to use them with my existing pieces. Together we have made summer and winter capsule wardrobes that I use to the fullest. There is not an item in my wardrobe that I don’t use regularly and getting ready in the mornings for work, and occasions, is stress free. I know what items go together to make winning combinations that make me feel confident and attractive. Shopping with Jane has boosted my confidence and made me love fashion.”

If you would like to share in the joys of having your own personal stylist shop for you, then please contact me on 0438837808 or

I would love to be involved in your style journey and look forward to hearing from you.

Jane xox