Because it is something that most people consume, coffee is a great way to illustrate the power of image.

Moccona has a very good reputation and is priced at a premium. It is in an attractively shaped glass bottle dressed with a gold wrapper. It feels substantial when held. It is quick and easy to make plus it tastes good. It also is very consistent.

Home Brand on the other hand has a dubious reputation. It looks plain and cheap. It has no handling appeal and commonly tastes ordinary and cannot be relied upon.

Looking at both jars of coffee, which one appeals most to you. Which one would you choose based on its image only?

When we think about certain trade marks and icons such as Disneyland and Coca Cola, immediately we get a picture of what those words represent. What sort of picture or impression do you wish to leave when meeting someone for the first time, going to an interview or when you are just out and about?
We have less than 7 seconds to make an impression which means our clothes are the most powerful form of non verbal communication.
Our clothes are speaking… what are you clothes saying about you???
Jane Allen..
STYLEDE Image Consulting.
Why look good when you can look Great!!