When I think about that famous question “what do women want” apart from another pair of shoes!! I have come to understand that there can only be one answer and that is….. Everything! It makes sense even when we are not exactly sure sometimes, and that happens, there is no doubt, we want it all! If you are anything like me you don’t want to miss out on anything and if it is available why can’t we have it?
I have learnt that in the search of all we wish to obtain in life, patience is a virtue and a pain in the neck but there are times where we have to put our dreams and goals on hold in order to help those close to us and not so close to fulfil theirs.
But I am a great believer in Karma, you reap what you sow and in time your desires will come to pass. So what is it that your heart desires, what do you dream about at night. What do you really want? And more importantly how you will obtain it?
There is much opposition that will come against us in the pursuit of our dreams but whatever life throws at us lets be determined to not give up, maintain a good attitude and stay positive.
In achieving your dreams, may involve a lot of hard work, discipline and that horrible word sacrifice, but I assure you will enjoy the fruits of your labour and no doubt feel the elation of triumph where you can relish in your hard earned accomplishments.
So put on your dream machine once more. Do not let past mistakes, failures and disappointments get in the way.
Make your wish list today and remember no matter how big or how small your dreams, they matter….
Jane Allen