We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time!! Which means we have lots of clothes hanging in our closet and wasting space. I would rather have a wardrobe with less clothes that I absolutely loved than a whole lot of clothes that will just “make do”
Why we encounter wardrobe malfunctions???
1 Clothes we used to wear have become outdated.
2 Body shapes do change and we need to make necessary adjustments and work with what we’ve got.
3 Embrace colour but beware, our colours do change as we age. We become cooler and greyer. So avoid super bright tones unless you feel you can still get away with it.
4 Dump the frump and dress age appropriately, I see more womem looking older than they are due poor choices. Learn to modify the trends that suit where you are at today.
5 Express yourself, your clothes convey messages, what do your clothes say abou you?

Not sure how to pull it all together, you are not alone. Styledge Image Consulting can hep you project your most confident and authentic self.
Why look good when you can look GREAT!!