Colour affects every moment of our lives even though most of our colour choices are unconscious. Colour subconsciously plays an important role in the psychology of humans. It can be a major persuasion factor in our emotions and it can seriously raise our mood or bring us down, especially if we have associated a colour with a particular idea, event or person. Even the colours in the natural world have a predictable general effect on people.
Colour is reflective, so when worn near the face it reflects up onto the skin hair and eyes.
Colour can enhance or detract from a person’s appearance.
Colour can be advancing or retreating; depending on the value and intensity of colour it can appear to make an area larger or smaller.
Colour is emotional; the colours around us can change our moods, make us more or less active, productive, amorous and even glamorous.
Colour can affect us physiologically; colours act upon the body and the mind.
Colour has the power to evoke psychological reactions.
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