It is such a satisfying feeling when we finally rack up the courage and the energy to hit those long awaiting cupboards, closets, garages, basements and spare rooms to purge and de-clutter items that are no use to us anymore.
You may need to call your dearest and closest friends, or perhaps the local priest, to help you lay to rest those things you know that “just have to go”.
My suggestion is have a final word of prayer in memory of such things that once gave you pleasure and bury all items and know they are going to a better place. Wipe your tears of grief and then enjoy the fact that those great pieces that remain can be put to good use by enhancing and updating your look for this season.
Let me help you go where you don’t really want to go. Trust me, you will thank me for it later!!
How To Create Harmony Out Of Closet Chaos???
1 Items to keep
Those that require no alterations
Those that are in harmony with your personality
Those that flatter your figure and make you feel good
2 Items that need attention
Those with missing buttons
Those that require alteration
Those that require another item to be purchased before it can be worn
3 Items that need to be given away or discarded
Any item that is too small or too large
Any items that no longer fit well
Any items that have dated
Any item that has not be worn for over 12 months
Any items that are an uncomplimentary style on you
Anything you like in theory, but hate when you put it on
4 With the clothes you have left
Remove those not in season and either store or pack them away until next season. This will give you a clearer view of what have to wear and allow the remaining clothes to breathe and not get crushed.
Remove clothes from wire hangars and replace them with high quality padded or curved hangars. These allow garments to hang in their natural lines and minimise the need to re-iron your clothes… gotta love that!
5 Make a wardrobe inventory of what you have left
Make an inventory of the clothes you have remaining. List each garment in your wardrobe, then add to the list all the items that it co ordinates with, including your accessories.
Try on all the combinations ensuring they all look good on the body.
Explore all possible combinations you have with remaining garments and place them back into your wardrobe.
Determine what items you need to buy in order to expand your options and update your look.
Buying an accessory like a new handbag, a pair of shoes or the latest costume jewellery is the easiest way to update a not so current garment, giving a fresh look to your existing wardrobe.
Be brave and hop to it, you’ll be glad you did.

Jane Allen
Professional Image Consultant
Styledge Image Consulting
Why look good when you can look GREAT!!