Every woman wants to know how to appear slimmer, right?

There are many slimming strategies which work wonders for every body shape. Dressing is all about accentuating the good and mitigating the not so good. Once you put the rules of line and design plus the power of colour into practice, your clothes will become your friend and not your foe.
Here are 3 slimming strategies for you to apply:
1 Great underwear!! Don’t laugh but Nancy Gance can save hours of slaving in the gym when it comes to hiding those nasty lumps and bumps. There are many undergarments around, and they can be miracle workers. Please don’t forget a well fitted bra. When was the last time you were fitted? It really does make a difference.
2 Monochromatic dressing. Wearing colours in the same hue but of different value can take kilo’s off. Not only do you look slimmer but taller too!

3 The one size fits all syndrome. This is such a common mistake often made. Buying oversize garments creates the illusion that you are bigger than you are. Embrace your shape and show me your waist!
STYLEDGE Image Consulting
Jane Allen
Professional Image Consultant