In maintaing a positive image it is vital that we look after our skin. We cannot stop the aging process but we can take on board some ways on how to prevent premature aging.

STYLEDGE Image Consulting has some great tips to younger looking skin.
1 Always, always wear sunscreen to prevent the skin from aging. The sun is largely responsible for wrinkles, liver spots, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Sunglasses provide protection and helps to reduce crows feet… well there is botox!

2 Don’t smoke! Studies have shown that smoking damages the elastin and collagen fibres found in the skin, making it less firm and resilient. Smoking inhibits your circulation, thus depriving your skin cells of oxygen.

3 To kep your skin healthy do use a daily skin care regime. It takes a few minutes, morning and evening and your skin will thank you for it.

4 SMILE!!! Your face tends to adapt to the expressions you carry most of the time. If you often frowl or scowl, your skin is more likely to to develop lines or wrinkles in those areas. A relaxed and happy face will keep you looking younger.

5 Sleeping on your face can cause wrinkles.. sleeping in the same position most of the night for years can permanetly crease your skin. So if you find it hard to sleep on your back like myself, invest in a satin pillow. Your face will thank you for it.