What you wear has a direct effect on the way you think, feel and behave and how you project yourself. Your image influences your thinking, what you feel, your behaviour, and how others interact with you. Your image also affects their thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
Styledge Image Consulting believes when you look good you feel good.
Your clothes speak; they send a message about who you are.

Social psychologist says our first impression is made up of three things.

55% visual
38% tonality
7% the words we use
Within 6 seconds a person has formed an opinion of us and we have made an irreversible impression.

You have all heard the phrase you have only one opportunity to make a first impression Why is Image so Important? Why does your appearance matter?

Do you know why it first impressions count –

In those first 6 seconds judgements are made:
1.If we like them.
2.If we trust them.
3.If we want to do business with them.
4.Spend time with them.

Image really works on perceptions and what how we stereotype people.If people look and dress a certain way then they are expected to behave a certain way.

Halo effect – first impression is believed even if not true. Why, because we all like to be right. And we like the comfort that being right brings into our lives. We are in control.

Our mind also likes to pigeon hole, we like to understand things. We are very quick to notice things which are not right or different. Our eye likes to be aesthetically pleased.

For example, how would you feel going to the dentist or doctor and he had on hippie tie dyed baggy pants and no shirt. We would be out of the surgery so quick.
Think about your image today and the impact it has on your world.
You can control the opinions of others based on how you look.
Based on your complexion, bodyshape, lifestyle and personality Styledge Image Consulting will help you achieve your desired image and maximise your potential.