Nearly every woman I meet suffers from poor body image.

Before skirt girlSo many women suffer from poor body image, no wonder, with all the “beautiful” images we face each day. Often you stand in front of the mirror and pick on every flaw you have. Maybe you avoid mirrors because you really don’t want to confront your reality. Girls, this is not a healthy way to live.
It is so important to love the skin you’re in and embrace your shape.
Take my client Debbie (not her real name) for example. She suffered from low self esteem and wore the same clothes over and over because she did not like her triangular shape. Her clothes swam on her and she was denying herself and the world a view of her voluptuous figure because she did not know how to dress for her shape. Hiding under her clothes may have given her a quick fix but it certainly did not give her any confidence.
Debbie had such issues with her poor body image she would refuse to attend business functions with her husband because she felt so ashamed of her look.
BUT!!!!! Underneath the baggy jumper and the frumpy skirt was a gorgeous woman who took on board all the rules of line and design and used her colour swatch to accentuate the great and camouflage the not so great. Debbie was shown how to select the right garments in her best colours to more effectively reflect her personality.
We were able to show off her flat tummy and balance out her hips with the help of some tailored jackets and tops with cut out sleeves. Her self assurance soared and her new wardrobe became a source of inspiration rather than a place of frustration.
Debbie’s dilemma was overcome by building substantial, confidence building pieces which fitted and flattered her shape.
TRIANGLE body shapes should:
Wear lighter, brighter colours, shiny fabrics and patterns up top

Wear darker / quiet clothing below (no shine)

Use shoulder pads

Wear horizontal stripes above the waist

Avoid jackets that sit at your widest part of your hip/ thigh
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Why look good when you can look great!
Below is Kristen Davis,definitely a triangle shape. Using triangle design lines on her upper body she is creating the balance between her upper and lower body.


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