Personality Style is the missing link between who we are as a person and the clothes we wear on a daily basis? Why is there a disconnection between your personality and your wardrobe?
I know some pretty amazing, fun, strong and interesting women, but their clothes do not at all portray their personality.
My quest is to help you reflect who you are from the inside out. Creating compatibility between who you are and the outfits you choose to wear on a daily basis will allow the world to see YOU!

Your clothes speak……what message are they sending? Your personality should be reflected in your day to day image.
Think about some of the items in your wardrobe. What is it about those items you love or are attracted to?
Try this quick and easy way to help you find your style formula so that when you are out shopping and everything is screaming “buy me”, you will be able to narrow your choices down by choosing garments that represent those six simple words. Then, what you end up taking home will fit in nicely with your style words….. It is then you will have success!!


Take this necklace (above)for example, my six words:
1 Statement
2 Interesting
3 Bold
4 Colourful
5 Contrast
6 Smooth
I love this necklace because it is colourful. It boldly makes a statement yet it has a smooth surface. Also this piece creates a medium contrast and with the crackle through the turquoise stone it certainly makes it very interesting and not boring!
I am always looking for items that identify who I am because it makes shopping so much easier and definitely more enjoyable.
Why don’t you go have a look in your wardrobe now and start on your own style formula. Soon enough your clothes will become more compatible with who you are.
I dare you to allow your clothes to reveal the real you!
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