Let me list 5 keys to maintaining a youthful appearance regardless of your age:

1.Inner Outlook; a positive and optimistic outlook creates a joyful spirit, smiling eyes and a peaceful countenance.

2. Good food and exercise; helps you feel and look younger. Exercise will stimulate muscles, increases metabolism and relaxes your mind.

3. Hairstyle; changing your hairstyle is one of best ways to look youthful. A modern haircut can takes years off. It lifts and rejuvenates the face and elongates the neck. Don’t forget colour! Colouring your hair is probably the most dramatic thing you can do to turn back the clock. Choose wisely, try a colour that is as close to your natural colouring as possible. !

4. Eyebrows; beautifully shaped eyebrows act as a frame to set off the eyes, just as a hairstyle frames the face. It has been said that a brow shape can make — or break, your look.

5. Eyewear; size does matter! Ultra large prescription glasses look ridiculous. Anything out of sync with the rest of society will leave you looking aged and out of date.

STYLEDGE, Why look good when you can look Great!