A Style Makeover is not as scary as you think, it could mean the simplest change can make a huge difference.
Change your look change your life is a motto I adhere to because the smallest change that you make to your current look can make all the difference.
A splash of colour, an updated hair cut, or some funky statement pieces can totally revive and refresh your cur-rent look. Gravitating to the same garments over and over which I name “outfit repeaters” is why we get stuck in a style rut.




Many of us can be opposed to change because we like routine, structure and formats. Being stuck in a paradigm however, can also cause limitations, both internally and externally, especially when it comes to image. It may take the smallest thing to bring change to your appearance which will make an incredible impact on the way you look and how you are perceived.

Your style makeover is just that…… YOURS! Most of my clients come to see me because they are either stuck in a style rut or have simply lost their confidence when it comes to what really fits them and flatters them. When you recognise the time for change your makeover will be a great investment, helping you achieve your goals and maximising your potential.
A Style makeover will educate and equip you giving you all the tools to make the right choices for your body shape, complexion and personality every time.

If your image needs a quick fix or a major overhaul contact me jane@styledge.com.au