Styledge Image Consulting is all about saving you time and money and helping you look and feel great
Our clothes should represent who we are and therefore reflect our personality.

Besides your wardrobe fitting and suiting your shape, colouring and proportions, you really should absolutely love what you wear. Our clothes represent who we are, so buy clothes which are compatible with you.

Do you LOVE it?
Our wardrobe should be an exciting place to visit rather than a place of constant frustration but unfortunately the latter often applies. To love something means that garment or accessory makes you feel amazing or inspires you in some way.

Your wardrobe tells a story, and to figure out the plotline, you need to see its heroes and villains. How do we spot those items that once looked fantastic but may not be age appropriate anymore? Simply remove all items that don’t flatter you or represent your current image and replace them with ones that do.

You can make a statement everyday by the choices you make. Whether you have a little drama in your shoe, or a signature piece of jewelry that really makes a statement. Perhaps a cute ruffle here and there revealing your romantic side, these can be the subtle or not so subtle ways of expressing your individuality.

Find ways to have fun with your clothes, take some risks. Less is more. Better to have less and love more than to have more and to love less!

Always remember when shopping…
Does it suit and flatter you?
Does it fit you?
Do you love it?
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