It’s not just what you wear that matters, it’s how you wear your it. A successful visual image requires that you co-ordinate your wardrobe to work in harmony, with colours, fabrics and patterns reinforcing your intended message.
Cheap fabrics in garish patterns and poor colour combinations will detract from your image. Take your time in selecting confidence building garments that will help you achieve your desired look.

Let’s look at some basic guidelines to follow:

1 When combining prints and patterns never mix three together unless they are of similar colour and theme and one is more dominant than the other two.
2 Ensure all items of clothing are going to the same place eg, an outfit of a dark tailored suit, sequined low cut top, heavy shoes and no make up will look out of sync. You want your total look to speak the same language.
3 Fabrics of like quality work well together, smooth with smooth, tex-ture with texture.
Must haves for Autumn are:
Stripes are back in but beware, the larger the stripe wider and shorter you may appear. BUT….Stripes are a great way to bring balance for a triangular body shape.
We Canberran’s never need an excuse to lash out when it comes to buying a magnificent coat. Move away from black and try a neutral colour which will go with everything!
Lastly, a scarf in your best colour will add some life to a dull day or a dark coat.So have fun putting your Autumn wardrobe together and be true to you!
Why look good when you can look GREAT!!!