Your image matters because there is no such thing as a neutral image. The way we dress plays a vital role in the way we are received. Our image impacts our world dramatically, it effects the way we are perceived and received. Society today assumes that if you look a particular way you are going to act a particular way. It is what it is!
Imagine visiting a dentist and he is dressed like a Rastafarian, with dread locks, happy pants and is poorly groomed. Would you feel confident in letting him work on your teeth? I think not! His image does not convey the right message and we would therefore not put our trust in his abilities simply because of what he looks like.
Let’s look at four ways our clothes make an impact on our image…
Your Image

  • Sends a MESSAGE: They say a picture paints a thousand words and how true that is. We can’t help but form opinions of others based on how they look. It is a fact that 55% of our first impression is based on our appearance. Our clothes convey a message; what do your clothes say about you and do they represent who you are today?
  • Should be APPROPRIATE: Consider the climate, the occasion, the audience, our physical appearance and job at hand. The question most women ask their friends before attending an event is ‘what are you wearing’? No one likes to be the odd one out. Being in sync with others makes us feel comfortable and confident.
  • Should be ENHANCING: Our clothes should embody and enhance who we are as a person, both our physique and our character.
  • Also be GOAL EFFECTIVE: what do we want to achieve from the meeting or occasion we attend.

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