We have all been there and bought things that we have never worn, but don’t fret, there are some clever ways to look stylish and current anywhere at any time – even on a budget. Here’s how:
1. Never buy on impulse.
2. Every $20 you don’t spend on that sale item which clutters up your closet is $20 lost towards something far more fabulous, like a designer outfit or that brilliantly made garment that you will always look great in.
3. Save that $20 in a special place, hold that impulse 10 times and bingo you can suddenly afford that $200 Cue dress that you’ve been drooling over.
4. Don’t be a slave to trends and current styles. Avoid grabbing the latest look off the floor before thinking it through. Score all garments, anything below a 6 out of 10 should remain on the rack.
It will mean delayed gratification but oh, the joy of purchasing that “must have” item over a silly little top that will be thrown out in 6 months. So my little diva’s, start spying and saving and let me know how you go.