Age appropriate dressing for the fifty plus

There are a lot of women in their Forties who are just as fearful of not dressing  “age appropriate” and looking like mutton dressed up as lamb as those in their Fifties and beyond. Admittedly, we are aging beautifully thanks to great skincare, makeup, and attitude, but the real problem lies in the delicate balancing act of not dressing like either our mothers or our daughters. Anyone else know what I’m talking about?

It all comes down to being self-aware and realising that you might be stuck in a time warp, your look has not evolved, or you may feel have lost your identity.

Let’s take a look at what some matronly clues and fashion myths look like:


Spot the Matron:

• Fleece

• Bulky cardigans

• Big pleats

• Sensible shoes

• Awkward lengths

• Matchy matchy




Fashion Myths for the over 40’s:

• Can’t mix patterns

• Can’t have long hair

• Too old for fashion (never!)

• Can’t wear Bikini’s

• Can’t wear short skirts





What we need to consider:

• Our arms, do they need coverage?

• Our legs, can we get away without wearing pantyhose?

• Our lengths, too short, too long?

• Our fit, does it skim or cling?

• Does it accentuate your assets?

Too young

Too old












In the picture above we have a model dressed for work looking too young, too old and one that is appropriate for the work place. Which picture do you think is the most appropriate for who she is and where she is going?

Face facts

• Use lip liner

• Wear good underwear

• Buy some eyebrows, if you need them

• Makeup, seek new ideas

• Focus upwards

• Change your hair colour and style. 

Jan looking older than she is….

Looking 10 years younger!








Jan (above) looks at least 10 years younger after having her makeover, which included a modern haircut and colour combined with a fresh and up to date take on style!

I have recently been a little obsessed with the beautiful book Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen, which is a collection of street fashion unlike any seen before—focused on the over-60’s set in the world’s most stylish locales. Here is some wonderful advice below from Ruth, who’s featured on Ari’s Blog. We can all learn a lot from her pearls of wisdom.

Life and Style Tips from a 100 Year Old Lady


1. I never go to bed with my makeup on. That is number one. At night you must let your skin breathe.

2. When it comes to fashion you must be aware of your skin tone. You don’t wear orange lipstick with a red dress.

3. Invest in Quality pieces, they never go out of style.

4. Don’t look at the calendar, just keep celebrating every day.

5. I dress up every day and I don’t wear blue jeans. I dress up even to mail a letter, you never know who you will meet along the way.

6. I have been active my whole life. An old Elizabeth Arden Ad said, “If you want to look like this when you are 40, start when you are 20.”

7. I wake up every morning and say, “This is the day the Lord has made!”


Feeling like it’s time for a change then book your makeover today!

Until next time, stay your stylish self and remember to love what you wear and wear what you love!