Wearing a Focal Point is a great way accentuate the great and mitigate the not so great.
A focal point will attract the eye to a specific place of the body. Pacing your focal point needs to be strategic. Think of eyes up to focus attention high on the body. Hats, earrings, necklaces, interesting necklines, makeup are perfect for ways to play it up as much as possible.

A focal points are anything on your body that draws attention to itself.
A design element– a motif, pockets, collar or a ruffle
A Colour– a bright shirt, a high contrast or a bright lipstick
An Accessory– a bag, hat, lipstick earrings, necklace or scarf

Focal points are embellishments that are added to an outfit (or body) to add interest and attract attention. They literally draw attention to themselves and the area to which they are applied. It is the placement of focal points where many women make their greatest dressing errors– pulling attention to rather than away from a figure challenge. Your aim should be to attract attention to your “best” areas
To be seen as well put together, your outfit should have no less than one and no more than four focal points. Too few and you may be seen as boring, too many and you may seem to be “too over the top”
Business and professional occasions two or three focal points are optimal.
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