Find it Faster: Know your style.

Are you overwhelmed by shopping? Do you get confused or frustrated by the amount of choice, or lack of, when you visit your local shopping mall?

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I have five quick and easy tips to help you buy clothes that won’t become closet orphans. Are you ready?

First of all, know what you are looking for. What is it that you need or want? Is it for a party, wedding or for work? Once you establish what it is you’re after you only need to go to the shops that sell those particular items.

What outfit gets you the most compliments? If it is in a particular cut or colour that is flattering to your shape and complexion, then you must have it right, right? Learn to know what you like and dislike.


Do you like frills, busy patterns, or neutrals. Do you like separate’s or suits, dresses or pants? Once you work out what you like or dislike then you can search for those garments that you know work for you.

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Is there a particular shop, boutique or designer that fits you well. It is worth going in every season to check out what is available. At least you know these styles have been tried and tested.


Give yourself  TIME, don’t shop in a hurry with 5 minutes to spare. You will purchase something you wish you hadn’t or you will leave the shops discouraged and depressed. Do your homework, look online to see what is in the shops that you fancy and go get it!