Dressing is easy but looking good is hard…..
As much as we love Kath and Kim and we can laugh at their sense of ‘umour but their dress sense is less than desirable.
We all see or know people (including ourselves, shudder the thought) who have on the odd occasion got their look totally wrong! So how do we avoid making those mistakes?
First of all we have to really know and understand our body shape because certain styles will suit certain body shapes. This is what we call our silhouette. Secondly, the garment has to fit well and thirdly it must be in proportion, which is determined by our vertical shape. When we understand these three important components the art of dressing becomes easier.
In addition to body shape, fit and proportion, it is just a matter of your own sense of style, quality and taste that will define your own look.
It takes a lifetime to develop your individual style. Booking in for your very own personal colour and style analysis, STYLEDGE will help you discover your unique style, giving you the all the confidence you need for every occasion.
Jane Allen