Dress For Success: Creating a Professional Image by Lillian D. Bjorseth: The Sideroad: “Dress For Success: Creating a Professional Image
The success of any personal encounter begins the second someone lays eyes on you … often long before either of you speaks. A professional image – appearance and behavior – helps start the experience in the right vein since people decide 10 things about you within 10 seconds of seeing you.
The business casual look that really took hold in the 1990s workplace has made it more difficult to look as professional and powerful as before B.C. While some laud the trend, others think it shows less respect for self and others.
Dress for the occasion.
If the occasion is business,
Then dress as if you mean business.

Women frequently suffer more negative career consequences from business casual dress than men because they have far more choices. Women often choose leggings, stirrup pants, mini skirts and skorts. For men, casual typically means pants and a shirt or sweater. Their biggest fault may be to choose jeans or sweat pants or muscle T-shirts.
Learning the art of impression management – planning how you look and how you act to get a certain reaction – is sure to impact your career or business more favorably!
You tell others how to treat you. Your business associates and coworkers mirror whether you want to be treated as Number One or Number Ten in your area of expertise and how much respect you want.”