Most women 70% actually (and I know via first hand experience) are not wearing the right size bra!! After a visit to DJ’s returning a lovely bra and knickers set that my darling husband bought me (in the wrong size!), I was shocked and surprised that the girls had gone up a cup!! I neglected to realise that not only had my body shape changed but my boobs had too… Now, I am so much more aware when shopping with clients to endeavour to seek out great underwear as it is the foundation for making our outerwear look fantastic. With the right size bra you can look like you have lost kilo’s because a well fitted bra will do wonders for your figure! Is your lingerie draw in need of a spring clean? If you were to rummage through, I am positive you will come across some undergarments that are way past their used by date!!If you are experiencing spillage of any description may I suggest you come and take a look at the new Intimo Collection that is coming up this month and give your breasts the support they really need…

Bra facts and myths.
1 Fact! Breasts are not muscled controlled flesh but are delicate glandular structure entirely without muscle.
2 Fact! Breasts should never be allowed to bounce.
3 Myth! Washing your bra in bra bag will lengthen its life. All bras should really be washed by hand.
4 Fact! One breast can be one cup bigger than the other.
5 Myth! One size fits all. Not all bras share exact sizing. So make sure to try before you buy!
STYLEDGE, why look good when you can look great!
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