With most of you attending the annual Christmas party and no doubt indulging in some Christmas cheer you still need to act in a appropriate and professional manner.
Here is a list of do’s and don’ts to help you maintain your credibility in the festive season.

1 Do act as if your conduct is being observed, because it probably is.

2 Don’t pull out the nightclub attire, and do check if the dress code is formal, cocktail or smart casual.

3 Do keep all conversations above board, don’t gossip, whinge or complain to colleagues. Do avoid controversial topics such as religion, sex and politics.

4 Do take the time to network and introduce yourself to colleagues you are not too familiar with. A holiday party is a great way to build and strengthen business relationships. Don’t forget to thank the host for planning and coordinating the party.

5 Don’t drink too excessively just because there is an open bar and do keep your drink in your left hand so you are not offering wet and sloppy handshakes all evening.

6 Do have fun with the colours this season and don’t wear too much black!!

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