Change is good.

Many of us can be opposed to change because we like routine, structure and formats. Being stuck in a paradigm however, can also cause limitations both internally and externally, especially when it comes to image.

It may take the smallest thing to bring change to your appearance which will make an impact to the way you look. Most of my clients come to me because they are either stuck in a style rut or simply have lost their confidence when it comes to fashion. When you recognise the time for change and are willing to implement some rules of line and design for your particular shape, you will enhance and improve your image. Styledge is about revolutionising the way you dress forever and maximising your potential. Let’s face it girls, our clothes speak. What do you want your clothes to say about you?

The most important factors you have to consider when updating your look are :

1 Your lifestyle.

2 Age appropriate.

3 Your personality.

4 Your goals.

I am convinced that having your own personal colour and style consultation will not only empower you, it will also help you achieve the best look for you. You will be well equipped for life and know exactly what will look hot and what will not.

It is so simple, and you are worth it!
Jane Allen