The Casual Friday Style Dilemma.

While businesses typically want their employees to look professional, many have adopted the practice of having casual Fridays, where instead of wearing business attire, employees are allowed to dress down a bit. This more relaxed, business casual dress code usually includes dark denim jeans, semi fitted garments,  more colour and accessories.

So,what is the proper attire for casual Friday?

Here is my “what not to do” list.

  1. If you’re going to wear denim just remember no rips and no wild washes.
  2. Putting a blazer over casual items such as a tee shirt or jeans instantly makes you look more professional.
  3. No sandals. If you’re looking for comfort on Friday, opt for flats or a loafer but no thongs.
  4. Structured bags look more refined and polished for work opposed to slouchy handbags.
  5. No mini skirts or short shorts. They just are so inappropriate even on Mondays- Thursdays.
  6. If you’re going to wear a see through or sheer shirt, make sure a camisole or tee is underneath.
  7. No gym clothes (including yoga pants, ladies) at work. Ever.
  8. For women, your neckline should never be lower than the top of your cleavage and your hemline should be on the knee or just above.
  9. No tracksuits.
  10. Don’t just roll out of bed. Have a shower, put some make up on and pull yourself together.

 What women can wear on casual Fridays is similar to what would be worn during the week, although a little less dressy.

Nice pants with a blouse or sweater could make for an appropriate outfit for work. Women who would rather wear a skirt should consider selecting one that is basic and simple but comfortable and in a neutral color. Dark, fashionable jeans can be appropriate for some offices, especially when paired with a nice sweater or professional-looking blouse teamed with a blazer.


Adding a blazer to your denim will create a more professional look10383585_300116843484243_5850037966097285420_n

 Introducing a pop of colour to your everyday black will look fresh and smart10169226_292957014200226_5521151611556788651_n Instead of wearing a t-shirt opt for a soft cowl neck top in a similar fabric10177528_302536973242230_6889782565844924940_n

Swap your crisp white shirt with  fun floral for more of a relaxed look

The key is to remember that when you enter the office, no matter what field you’re in, you represent yourself and the company you work for. How you dress says something about who you are. Reflecting your personal style while still being appropriate at work will not only make you feel good, but your employers will too.