Buying the right clothes for your body shape  will make all the difference in helping you look your best.
In my experience in fashion, helping women choose the right garments for their shape and size is an absolute joy. Nothing satisfies me more than having clients feel so amazing and confident with their purchases. I have witnessed women hiding under their garments making them appear bigger than they really are. I totally believe in embracing your shape and enjoying the skin you are in! So whatever your shape, learn to love it.
We all have problem areas that’s a given but when we learn how to wear the correct style for our body shape is so liberating.
Let’s face it we all want to look good and when you know how to use the rules of line and design, putting it all together it will maximise your image, not to mention all the compliments you will receive.
Understanding your figure challenges and knowing what your assets are is only half the problem. I want to help you take the mystery and misery out of your shopping so that you will always feel confident with every purchase you make.
STYLEDGE will help you save time and money so that your shopping mistakes will be reduced to almost zero… Now that is great news!
Call Jane today for your personal Colour and Style Analysis, you will love it!
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Styledge, why look good when you can look great!

Jane Allen