Ageless Style: 5 tips on how you can achieve it!

What is ageless style you ask?

Ageless Style is a frame of mind and an approach to dressing that enhances who you are today, regardless of the stage of life you are in. It’s about feeling liberated and confident with the clothes you wear on the body you have.  Ageless Style is about understanding that your body shape has changed and will continue to change. So you need to learn how to adapt to and enjoy the current trends that suit you now, which may mean wearing them in a more conservative way.

Let’s take a look at a few keys to help you achieve ageless style today…..

1. Show off your best bits

Make the most of your best bits by showing them off; be proud and own it. Diane Keaton is 67 years old (can you believe it?) but just look at her legs!! While everything else is covered up, I think we can agree she is showing off her bests assets.


2. Dress clever to take years off your age

The clothes we choose can not only add weight to our figure but they can also add to our age. Choose your looks wisely while trying not to age yourself prematurely.

Same woman, same hair, but notice how the outfit above is quite aging while the photo below look takes years off her age!


3. Find the right fit

Well made, well designed clothes enhance the appearance. Choose styles that fit and flatter your shape. Don’t look at sizes anymore; I myself have dresses ranging from size 10 to 16! This used to bother me, but now I cut all the tags off and if it fits well then that is all I focus on.


4. Update your wardrobe

Regularly review your wardrobe to keep it up to date and in good order. We evolve but our clothes do not, so keep checking where you are in life and dress the body you are currently in. Having just done this myself, I admit I can have a little pity party and feel very sad that I have to say goodbye to some garments. But by acknowledging that these clothes don’t do a thing for me, I must be brave and remove them from the temptation of wanting to wear them or even from the delusion that I will wear it again at some stage (which deep down I know, I won’t). I need to make room for the clothes that make me look sensational, now that’s a revelation!


5. Be colour confident

There are universal colours that actually suit everyone, and that makes wearing colour easy for all of us. Teal Blue, Chocolate, Purple, Periwinkle, Marine Navy, Plum, Banana Yellow, Watermelon Red, Apple Green, and Medium Cool Grey are great universal colours.

Knowing how to wear your best colours will make you look happy, youthful and sensational and will always give you confidence every time you walk out the door.



Wearing your clothes with confidence and celebrating  who you are today is the best antidote to aging, wouldn’t you agree?