Boyfriend jeans are casual and comfy jeans that are meant to look a bit loose and worn, as if you borrowed them from your boyfriend. Despite this masculine name, this pair of jeans can still add a feminine touch to almost any wardrobe, and you can look stylish and cozy in a pair of these pants. All you have to do to wear boyfriend jeans is to choose a pair that fits and flatters you and combine them  with a variety of cute tops.

If you want to know how to wear boyfriend jeans, here are four different ways to dress them up!

Styling by  #hannahallenstyle

Look  No 1

Boyfriend jeans are  styled  with your simple white T and Jacket. add boots and a cute hat to make your look a little edgier.


Look No 2

 Boyfriend jeans and white T combo with a Cotton On cropped blazer and leopard print shoes.


Look  No 3

Boyfriend jeans and white T combo teamed with rabbit and raccoon fur vest from Yu boutique and shoes from Tony Biaanco


Look four

Boyfriend jeans and white T combo teamed with a pair of  flats. Add a chunky cardigan in a neutral colour. Pop on an amazing statement piece to dress up this very casual look.


 Make sure to resist the temptation to actually wear a pair of men’s pants and to invest in  a pair of women’s boyfriend jeans instead.

Whether they’re frayed, faded, or have a few tears, the jeans should look a bit worn, even if you just bought them an hour ago.

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