So, you’ve booked your cruise or your romantic getaway to the tropics and you are more than ready to sail off into the sunset. Now you have to pack!!!  Don’t panic, just follow these easy travel tips to ensure that you have everything you need, so you relax either on the deck or at a beachside bar sipping on that delicious cocktail.

Comfort is key

Whether you are chilling by the pool, enjoying a pre -dinner drink at the bar or dancing the night away, you still want to look effortlessly stylish.

 Here is a quick check list of the essentials for you to pack!

 Shorts and tanks are a must for day wear


 Maxie Dress to dress up or dress down


 Sandals  are great for everyday but do pop a pair of  Wedges  for evening wear.


A nude shoe goes with everything!

A nude shoe goes with everything!

 Kaftan is a very stylish essential to wear over your bathing suit


 After five ensemble


 Dress up  some thing simple with fantastic Bling

Necklace from Devine Goddess

Necklace from Devine Goddess

 Hat and Sarong; the best way to cover up in between your swims


 Stop the glare with some new Sunnies!


Swap your oversize handbag with a cute little Shoulder bag

MK handbag

Michael Kors


Remember not to over pack.

Do stick to a colour theme when adding extra garments just so that all your pieces will compliment each other.

 Throw in a pashmina or lightweight jacket for breezy nights.

Have fun and Happy Holidaying!!