Putting on clothes is one thing, but styling an outfit is a whole other thing totally!

I do believe in some cases it’s not what you wear but how you wear it. Take a plain T or tank for instance, add a scarf, a necklace or perhaps a blazer and you have totally changed the look of what could have or would have been a very plain outfit.

Styling ourselves is a very personal affair and like art can be quite subjective. I have met many women who do not like to accessorise for two reasons; either they don’t know how, or they are not that into them. Learning to accessorise can, and should be, a fun way to express who you are and have a play with the latest trends.

What amazing accessories do you need to enhance your overall look? I have a few suggestions for you.

• The Beloved Scarf

Scarves will add interest, appeal, contrast, personality, warmth and create a focal point, plus it is the easiest accessory to wear. For me, scarves are a no-brainer and there are countless ways to tie them. Scarves are one of the easiest, inexpensive ways to transform your look from drab to fab.

The “It” Bag

Updating my handbag seasonally has become a favourite hobby of mine and it’s a great way to celebrate the beginning of each season. Depending on the upcoming trends, if there are styles and colours of clothing that don’t suit me then I can always opt for a handbag. With the neon trend coming through for spring, instead of wearing a colour that won’t work so close to my face I can still look current with cute clutch or bag.

• The Hot Heel

Nothing screams style like a hot heel! Shoes are so important, and they can really make or break the outfit. The most common habit I have seen is that most women go for black rather than considering a colour that will either connect or clash (in the right way) with their outfit. Here are two examples of colour with colour or colour with black, which do you prefer?

Not sure what your best colours are, find out today?

• The Amazing Necklace

I am obsessed with amazing necklaces that make a statement. I have heard that if you are not receiving compliments about your jewellery, then you are not wearing the right pieces. Well that’s food for thought! A stunning bit of bling, a classic strand of pearls or a delicate diamond pendant can make all the difference to complete your look.

• A Cool Belt

Belts are a great way to nip in your waist, create shape and highlight your hips. The size and the position of the belt are depended upon your scale and proportion.

 • Arm Candy

Bangles are a fun and feminine way to add colour and personality to your look. It is another inexpensive way to remain current and on trend. There so many types of bangles you can choose to wear to add a touch of class, elegance or drama to your look.

Glam Glasses

Sunglasses can give great style a whole new meaning. As long as they frame your face correctly and are current, they will enhance your look.

• Fabulous Earrings

Earrings will draw the eye up and make a fabulous focal point, so instead of looking at your thighs we’ll be looking at your eyes!

So instead of accessorising the way you always have, what new accessory will you dabble in today?

Let me know how you go, I would love to hear from you!

Need to update your image, why have your own makeover, you will love it.

See you in Spring!