With daylight savings behind us and the temps lowering, it is time to consider what to wear this autumn/winter. I had a massive cull last year and tossed a suitcase full of clothes out. Things like, tired and worn out coats and boots, along with some knits that were also looking worse for wear. So now my wardrobe has been left with some big gaps which I definitely need to fill if I want to keep warm and look great! Are you ready to get rugged up but not quite sure where to start? Take a look at how you can update your winter wardrobe without spending a fortune.

Firstly, get a vision for what you’d like to see yourself in and know what colours inspire you.

Consider the colour trends that are coming this season; luckily for us all there are some great colours which I consider universal (colours that suit everyone). Purple, burgundy, charcoal and taupe are the rage right now so you can feel confident in purchasing some of these colours to work well with your complexion.

Winter Coat

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”] [/custom_frame_left] If in doubt, ask yourself if some of the “in” colours work for you and whether they go with what is already in your wardrobe. If not, stick to your best colours and stay away from pieces that you wear near your face if the colour is not right for you. You can always opt for a shoe or a bag that is “in” if you still want to look current.

The number one must-have on my list is a great winter coat.

I found the most luscious of coats in David Lawrence, a berry, woollen coat that is in an “in” colour but one that really suits my colouring, shape and personality.

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Second on the list was a pair of  knee high boots.

Now I do have a pair of black boots which are an essential for my colouring, but I wanted to buy a camel pair to create the perfect contrast that will work with the berry coloured items that I was aiming to obtain.

Plus they would also go well with the camel coloured hat I bought to tie it all together. It all made sense to me!

And just for fun I purchased a faux fur stole to add a bit of style and drama to complete my autumn/winter look.

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Something I am a little obsessed with is ankle boots!

Ankle boots look great with jeans and tunics and they come in various styles to suit your personal preference. Currently,  I have  five pairs of ankle boots in my closet mainly because  I buy a pair every season.  My latest pair were from Beauti-Feel Shoes in Pitt Street  Mall and they are divine!


Ankle Boots from Beauti-feel