Learn How to Identify Your Personal Style Formula

Your Personal Style Formula

I have co-written the eBook, Your Personal Style Formula, to help you understand style and personality so you may learn to develop your own individual style.

As stylists and image consultants we are regularly asked to help women, just like you, to understand and develop their own unique style. With Your Personal Style Formula we share our knowledge with you. The style formula we reveal is founded on theory, but has also been refined as a result of years of real life experience, working with our clients, so we know it works.

What you learn from our eBook will last you a lifetime and you will never again be lured by fashion trends and fads telling you that “it’s a must have for you to look vogue”. Just because something is in fashion does not mean it’s going to look fashionable on you. No longer will you fall into the trap of the fashion victim because you can apply Your Personal Style Formula to all aspects of your life.

With Your Personal Style Formula eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Why your appearance matters
  • What style is and why style does matter
  • Where style fits in enhancing and developing your appearance

Never Be Bored With Your Look Again

The aim is to give you the knowledge you need to discover your own style now, and also to give you the means to make updates to your style as your lifestyle, needs and goals change over the years. You need never feel frumpy or unstylish again!

In 3 simple steps you’ll discover…

  • How to recognize the 7 style personalities and how they each send their unique messages
  • What your blended style personality is
  • How to clarify your blended style personality to create your signature style formula
  • How to use your personal style formula every day

To help get you started we give you plenty of examples showing photos of real women (not professional models) wearing different outfits. We then describe the main style types represented in the outfits shown.

Save Money by Only Buying Clothes You Will Love to Wear

Wear what you love and love what you wear. When choosing styles in Your Personal Style Formula, you will begin to purchase garments that reflect the real you! You’ll learn how to blend your main style categories and how, by changing one small part of an outfit (such as your accessories for example), you can completely change the resulting style. You don’t have to go out and immediately replace all of your clothes. Work within your budget to change small details of your outfits to refine your appearance and express your personality with your style.

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You Will Receive Three Extra Bonus Books When You Order Your Personal Style Forumla

The main eBook “Your Personal Style Formula” contains 50 pages describing the style personalities, as well as detailing the 3 steps to finding and developing your style formula. It is all illustrated with photos and descriptions of the styles, together with details of how you can use your style formula.

In addition to this main eBook you also get 3 bonus eBooks!

The style personality quiz ($10.00 value)

Use our fun style quiz to help you find your blended style personality. You’ll discover your core style personality and your secondary styles.

Your Personal Style Formula workbook ($10.00 value)

Use this workbook as you go through the main eBook to find and record your personal style formula. I give you worked examples to get you started.

Where to buy guide ($15.00 value)

For each style personality we have recommended some great places to shop with a price range and a lifestyle category.  We’ve listed the stores by country, however most of them now have online stores and many will ship worldwide, which we’ve also indicated.

Your Personal Style Formula is a great first step to define your style personality. It will whet your appetiite to find out more about what you love to wear and why. You can get a copy of this handy eBook for only US$27 so you can begin your style journey today. Grab your copy now!

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