Styledge Image Consulting offers Style Services for men too!

Your appearance may be hindering your career and and the way you dress makes a huge impact on those around you. The good news is that you have the power to enable others to see you at your best so you can make the right impression the first time every time.

Colour Consultation

Colour Consultation for Men
Psychologists have determined that colour is the first thing noticed about a person. Its impact is immediate and lasting.

Colour affects mood, apparent body shape, apparent age, your outlook to life and the overall impression you make on others. Wearing your best range of colours will make you look younger, healthier, vibrant and energetic. While wearing unflattering colours can make you look older, ill, exhausted or dull.

These facts make the discovery of the colours that work best for you an essential component in an image management program.

A Colour Consultation involves analyzing the unique colour combinations of your skin, eyes and hair as well as your lifestyle and personality resulting in a set of colours and colour combinations that will make you look more radiant, healthier,and younger. It is just as important to know the right contrast levels which suit your complexion as it is to know your best colours. High contrast levels give a sense of power, however they often leave other people feeling inferior, while low contrast levels can leave you looking washed out and sometime unnoticed.  A Styledge Colour Consultation will equip you with the knowledge on what contrast levels to wear and when to wear them.

Understanding your personal colouring will make shopping for clothes and accessories a simple task for any man. Being equipped with the correct colours and contrast levels you will suddenly be able to quickly select all the things that suit you, giving you the insight and confidence in shopping that you have never experienced before.

You Will Receive

A high quality laminated swatch with your best colours and a personalised 60 page colour booklet containing all the information you will be given during the consultation. Co ordinating Suit, Shirt and Tie combinations is an easy and user friendly tool to assist you to look your best for any occassion.

Your investment is $275.

Style Consultation

The outward sign of a successful person is a the projection of great personal style, but that’s far more than just knowing which tie goes with what shirt.

Style Consultation for Men
It’s knowing how to present yourself in the best light possible at all times, both in the way you dress and behave. By understanding the rules of style you can be assured that whether you’re at work or play, your image will always be working for you. If you are you tired of looking second rate, need people to notice you or just feel you need some buff and polish start the process today with a personal style consultation.
Within the consultation you will receive a personalised Style Formula

After this consultation you will:

  • Experience an increase in self-confidence
  • Find self esteem is dramatically improved
  • Improve the prospects for career advancement
  • Know how to dress appropriately for every occasion
  • Enjoy new and exciting social interactions

You Will Learn

  • How to co ordinate pieces that suit your build
  • The importance of conveying the right message

You Will Achieve

  • An understanding of your own personal style, colour and personality
  • Achieve Personal Goals
  • Increased Self Confidence
  • More Effective Communication

Your investment is $150.