Are you frustrated with your wardrobe, do you love what you wear or are you  feeling style confident when you walk out the door?  Styledge By Janie  is dedicated to running style workshops to help boost your confidence and self esteem by teaching you to love what you wear and wear what you love.

My Style Masterclass

I believe the foundation to displaying great style is being confident about who you are and what you wear. Not only do women struggle with their identity, they also live with the daily challenge of having a wardrobe full of clothes and yet they still seem to have nothing to wear.
Do you get dressed or stressed? Are you uncertain about some outfits you put together?
Style personality is often the missing piece of the appearance “puzzle”, the special ingredient to looking great. Also, style rules are being broken constantly by those around us and in the media, which means there is even more confusion about what to buy and what to wear!
My Style Masterclass will lead you through the seven style personalities helping you to identify which specific style personality resonates with you.
You will come away understanding the message and power of each personality giving you the clarity to dress in a way that truly resonates with you.
Unlocking your style will give you the freedom and discernment to dress and express your bold, brave and beautiful self.

Book your Ticket today as there is limited seating, only 4 places available.

When: Saturday, September 12th

Where: Styledge Studio Fisher

Time: 2pm – 3.30pm

Cost: $120 pp

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Group Colour Workshop

Have you ever had your colours analysed or do you wander the shops wondering which colours best suit your complexion then guess no more. STYLEDGE is inviting you to a group colour session where you will discover your personal colour notes that will enhance your complexion and take the stress out of getting dressed everyday!

Colour is the new black! Having your very own personal colour analysis is one the easiest ways to up update your image.
While wearing an unflattering colour may not be fatal, it can damage your image. By wearing the colours that best suit you, you will appear healthier, younger, and more alert and energetic. Having your very own colour consultation is like having a mini makeover!
Book in today to have your colours analysed in a fun and informative group session whilst sipping on bubbles with your besties.

Cost $250 pp includes draping, colour swatch and tuition!
Places are limited, five places available.

When: September 26th

Time: 10am -12pm

Cost: $250pp
Where: Styledge Studio; 12 Tingha Place, Fisher

Book your place today.

Who's Living in your Wardrobe?

How amazing would it be to own the perfect wardrobe, one we could stand in front of each morning and be inspired by. Where every item flattered us and our outfit options were visible and unending.

Sigh, if only, right?

This FREE workshop will show you how you can have a wardrobe of your dreams when you understand the three essential keys to having great style!

Where: Styledge Studio 12 Tingha Place, Fisher

Trish G Styling Sessions

Styledge Image Consulting has now become your Personal Clothing Stylist for the beautiful Trish G Clothing Collection. All garments are one off stunning  pieces that you will not see in your local retail stores. Once sold, say goodbye as you will never see them again.
With new stock arriving all the time, your shopping dilemmas will be a thing of the past.
I am so excited to be styling you very soon.

When: Saturday, December 7th
Time: 10-2pm
Where: Styledge Studio
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