For Women

Introducing the brand new My Private Stylist which will help you:

  • Become Style Confident
  • Know Your Body Shape
  • Discover What Suits You

Don’t waste another second trying to work out what clothes suit your body shape. With My Private Stylist you will KNOW what fits and flatters you and the best thing it only costs $120.00.

Our goal is to make every woman aware that looking and feeling great has nothing to do with your age, shape, weight or beauty. It has everything to do with knowing how to dress your unique package.

Once you know what styles to look for, and you gain a little knowledge about coordination and accessorising skills, everything will fall into place; and you’ll soon be looking and feeling great!

“My Private Stylist” body calculator will fill in all the missing pieces of your style puzzle. It will cover everything you need to know about looking great and shopping wisely. It will save you Frustration, Time, Money and the Insecurity that comes from feeling dressed less than your best.

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For Men

Styledge Men of StylePersonal style is more than just the aesthetics; it is a reflection of you as an individual.

It’s an indicator of your self-esteem, confidence, status and success.

To own a great image is to empower yourself with visual power. A power that even before you say a word has induced others to see as successful, attractive and someone worth knowing.

When you look great, you’ll feel great and people will notice and will treat you with respect. A personal great image also attracts opportunities both social and business that a man with a poor presentation will never receive.

The Men of Style online program has been created specifically for you and covers the following areas:

Body Analysis – A body assessment has been made according to your physical characteristics. This creates an picture of your body shape which allows the program to generate a platform of information from which design elements of garments and accessories can be assessed for you.

Style Selection – Based on your body analysis your program will give you comprehensive and specific style recommendations that will enhance your physical appearance. Shopping and co-ordination or clothes will become easier and your wardrobe will soon fill with things that make you look and feel great.

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