Janie will help you understand how you can create the right corporate image for you so that the people you meet will automatically accept the role YOU have packaged yourself for. She will guide you through the different levels of business attire demonstrating the impact of a poor image. You will be looking the part, communicating clearly and standing out from the competition. Janie will share with you the smaller details that will have you controlling the opinions of others by making a great first impression.

Male and Female Picture1
The initial impression you make on other people comes from:

55% Visual (how you act and look)
38% Tonal (the tone of your voice)
7% Verbal (what you say)

There is no such thing as a neutral image so the challenge is to develop an accurate picture of yourself perceived by others. Styledge By Janie will help you establish a deliberate and favourable impression and a corporate image  to assist others to believe the evidence of what they see. Make your first impression count, learn to dress and act in a way that gives others a great experience of you.

Workshop Outline

  • Define your own Personal Brand
  • How to achieve executive presence in a corporate world
  • Making your First Impression Count
  • Understanding the psychology of colour
  • The Four Essential Keys of Image Management dressing- how to present yourself credibly in your industry
  • Dressing styles to maximise your personal presentation. Realise the message you are giving by the personality you are presenting
  • 4 levels of Business Dress
  • Explain Verbal and Non Verbal Communication
  • Raise your credibility
  • The Top 10 Image Makers and Breakers designed for your industry and your needs for both men and women
  • Define your personal style